Dracula and Jonathan Harker
Dr John Seward
Witnessing the shipwreck in Whitby
Mrs Westenra and Van Helsing
The vampires
Mina and Lucy
The wolf

Based on the book by: Bram Stoker
Adapted for the stage and directed by: Rosie Fiore-Burt
Presented by: Theatre in the Square

Bridewell Theatre December 2019
“Listen to the children of the night. What music they make!”
Bram Stoker's Dracula has been adapted countless times: there are more than 200 film versions, and hundreds of adaptations for stage, opera, ballet and television, not to mention a remarkable 18 musicals! The Count himself is the second most represented character in popular culture, after Sherlock Holmes.
So why a new adaptation? Quite simply because we have never yet seen one which does justice to this remarkable book. This version is as true to Stoker’s original novel as we can make it, and we tell the story using the magical alchemy of theatre and live performance. The play features original music, physical theatre and puppetry. We take audiences on a breakneck journey from Transylvania to Whitby, from London to Bulgaria and everywhere in between.

Shortlisted for the Hamilton Deane Award by the Dracula Society.

Images by John Watson

Through a Glass Darkly

Written and directed by: Rosie Fiore-Burt
Presented by: Theatre in the Square

Rosemary Branch Theatre MArch 2016

What if, when you died, you didn't go to heaven, but ended up back on your own sofa in Cricklewood? And what if your girlfriend got a new housemate, and it was the woman you'd been having an affair with? If life was hard for Gideon Whittaker, death just got a whole lot trickier...

​Cast included Guyene Muneesamy, Clare Janew, Valerie Paul, Sanyu Nakasi, Joe Ellison, Kate Salinger and William Jones


Images by Matt Smithies


Through a Glass Darkly.jpg
Laura and Gideon
Marianne and Gideon
Laura, Sasha and Gideon
The argument
Laura on the phone
Edith arrives
Edith and Gideon
Edith, Tyler and Gideon